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January 31, 2010


Jan Gates

I can't wait to see a picture of the snowdrops.
I'm in North Carolina. Son Jon is out of town so I'm pitching in with driving and homework assistance. Let's see. When was the last time I had to divide fractions??? Many, many years ago, believe me.
VA Beach narrowly averted another snowstorm last weekend.
Supposed to get "wintery mix" (sounds like lettuce) tomorrow but, since our weathermen are demented, one never knows. Sounds like you're doing so well. I think nervousness about the track is perfectly intelligent and reasonable. :-) Take care of you. Hugs, Jan PS: Is this a good way to send notes or should I go thru the contact button?

Barbara Hodgkinson

Thank you, dear Jan, for keeping in touch. I'm having trouble with this program, so I'll send an email later. Love Barb

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