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November 16, 2009


Joanne Mellor

Dear Tony and Barbara,

Nice to see you enjoying your lovely garden.

Frankie mentioned this morning that he missed his chats with Tony. Frankie has asked me if one day when we are not so busy can we visit? Sorry we have not contacted you lately but we have been very busy what with one thing and another and I had heard that Tony had been quite poorly. Nice to see that he has been up and about.

Take care from Jo and Frankie Mellor.

Barbara Hodgkinson

Dear Jo
So lovely to hear from you. I've been seeking news of you at the hairdressers, and I expect that may be where you have learnt about Tony's deterioration. His pain is now much better controlled since we have twice visited the Palliative Care doctor at the Hospice in Lincoln - he has been so patient. The support we are receiving from the medical services is tremendous.
Tony sleeps a lot now, so just ring to check that he is awake before you make a special journey. I've just been to tell him that you've been in touch, and he is very pleased about your proposed visit.
Much love to you all, Barbara

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