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January 21, 2010


Mark Hodgkinson

John: "Just because it's you, I'll let you have it for ...
One Pound!"
We where very lucky that John gave away Vincent's " Sunflowers!"
A great Deal!! The truth is that we got another painting called. "Roses are Red" Just as beautiful!
A Big Goodbye to John Goodyear. Thank You John,it was always Fun to come and visit your shop on the streets of Woodhall Spa. We always came away with a smile on our faces!
Kind regards
Mark & Andrea

Ryan Goodyear

Thankyou very much for this wonderful article on my grandad, it made me laugh because even to me he would say "Just because it's you" hehe, its nice seeing a picture of him outside the shop, and i can remember the painting on the door aswell, im sure my dad will appreciate your effort put into producing this article when i show him it tommorow and i should think he would like to comment aswell, thankyou again from us all,
Ryan Goodyear

Barbara Hodgkinson

Dear Ryan
If you send me your email address, I can forward the photo of your granddad if you would like me to.
I thank you for your kind comments, Barbara

Jordans Sneakers

If you know what I, then you will forgive my now!

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