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November 14, 2016



Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. I came here from your website. I just wanted to say that your website is beautiful and easy to navigate, and the header is stunning.

Barbara Hodgkinson

Thank you, Linda, for getting in touch. I'm going to send a message to my friend and webmaster, Mike, telling him how much you appreciate the header that he created. He also took almost all of the photos for the website, which was launched in 2005. I selected the images that I wanted to use and positioned them on a web-map using Excel. I then wrote a passage describing each of them, plus a hidden sentence that blind people would be able to use. I took me three weeks and Mike was going to edit my words, but he said he didn't need to, so as you read them it's just as if I was talking to you as I showed you round my home and the gardens that surround it. I agree with you that the website is beautiful and I think it is one of the most comprehensive ones that I have browsed. Therefore, I have resisted many offers to make it more mobile-friendly. I am currently working on a new Home Page, which will list many of the interesting places that are easy to visit from Woodhall Spa. Mike will incorporate them for me, just like he so competently added the live-streaming page in July 1015. Sadly, Mike no longer builds new websites, so I am struggling to find someone, knowledgeable and creative, to help me with an additional site about the fascinating birds and wildlife that share my tranquil environment. My plan is to for the two sites to be linked, and I want to be able to add images to the wildlife one myself, so that I can share with the world the joy that I experience every time I welcome a new species to the six feeders that have a camera attached.
I had originally written more, but type pad locked me out because I took so long.
Could you send me your email address, Linda, so that I tell you about my visit to Montreal. Have you ever visited England?

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